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Addressing Community Gang Problems: A Practical Guide
J 26.30:G 15/GUIDE

Aeronautical Engineering
NAS 1.21:7037

Aerospace Medicine and Biology
NAS 1.21:7011

Aerospace Technology Innovation
NAS 1.95:

A 67.7/3:

A 17.31:98027954

Agricultural Economic Reports
A 1.107:

Agricultural Outlook
A 105.27:

Agricultural Statistics
A 1.47:

Agriculture Fact Book
A 1.38/2:

AIDS Bibliography
HE 20.3615/3:

Air University Library Index to Military Periodicals
D 301.26/2:

America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being, 1997
PR 42.8:C 43/C 43

American FactFinder
C 3.

American Folklife: A Commonwealth of Cultures
LC 39.2:98012985

American Housing Brief from the American Housing Survey
C 3.215/20:

American Housing Survey
C 3.215/19:

American Military History
D 114.19:M 59/2

American Travel Survey
TD 12.2:99014623

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities, Transportation Facilities, Transportation Vehicles
Y 3.B 27:8 AM 3/2

Animal Welfare Information Center Bulletin
A 17.27/2:

An Annotated Bibliography of the Apollo Program
NAS 1.15:109852

Annual Capital Expenditures
C 3.289:

Annual Energy Review
E 3.1/2:

Annual Survey of Communication Services
C 3.138/3-6:

Apollo Over the Moon: A View from Orbit
NAS 1.21:362

The Apollo Spacecraft: A Chronology
NAS 1.21:4009

Approaches to Drug Abuse Counseling
HE 20.3952:D 84/5

The Asian and Pacific Islander Population in the United States
C 3.186:P-20

Astronaut Fact Book
NAS 1.74:011

Atlas of United States Mortality
HE 20.6202:AT 6