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Title American Housing Survey
Agency Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census.
Publ. Info. Biennial
SuDocs No. C 3.215/19:
Item 0156-P
Notes The American Housing Survey (AHS) collects data on the Nation's housing, including apartments, single-family homes, mobile homes, vacant housing units,household characteristics, income, housing and neighborhood quality, housing costs, equipment and fuels, size of housing unit, and recent movers. National data are collected every other year, and data for each of 46 selected Metropolitan Areas are collected about every four years, with an average of 12 Metropolitan Areas included each year. The national sample covers on average 55,000 homes. Each metropolitan areas sample covers 4,800 or more homes. The survey is conducted by the Bureau of the Census for the Department of Housing and Urban Development. --Web page
Access Electronic Version http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/ahs.html
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