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Agricultural Economic Reports
A 1.107:

America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being, 1997
PR 42.8:C 43/C 43

Country Commerical Guides
S 1.40/7:

Economic Census (1997)
C 3.277:

Economic Indicators
Y 4.EC 7:EC 7/

Economic Report of the President
PR 42.9:

The Emerging Digital Economy
C 1.2:98026831

The Emerging Digital Economy II
C 1.2:99031853

REIS: Regional Economic Information System
C 59.24:

School Enrollment, Social and Economic Characteristics of Students
C 3.186/12:

The State of the Cities
HH 1.2:C 49/13/

World Factbook
PREX 3.15: