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School Enrollment, Social and Economic Characteristics of Students
C 3.186/12:

Science & Engineering Indicators
NS 1.28/2:

Science & Technology Review
E 1.53:

Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports
NAS 1.9/4:

Senate, House and Executive Reports
Y 1.1/5: ; Y 1.1/6: ; Y 1.1/8:

Senate, House and Treaty Documents
Y 1.1/3: ; Y 1.1/7:

Service Annual Survey
C 3.138/3-4:

Sexual Harassment: It's Not Academic
ED 1.310/2:423609

A History of the U.S. Department of State, 1789-1996
S 1.3/a:H 62/

65+ in the United States
C 3.186:P-23/190

Slip Opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court
JU 6.8/B:

Social Security Accountability Report for Fiscal Year
SSA 1.2:AC 2/

Social Security Programs Throughout the World
SSA 1.24:

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
J 29.9/6:

Space Medicine in Project Mercury
NAS 1.21:4003

Special Report to the U.S. Congress on Alcohol and Health from the Secretary of Health and Human Services
HE 20.8313:

Stalking and Domestic Violence: The Annual Report to Congress Under the Violence Against Women Act
J 35.21:

Standard Industrial Classification Manual 1987
PREX 2.6/2:IN 27/987

State and Metropolitan Area Data Book, 1997-98
C 3.134/5:

State and Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment
L 2.111/5:

State Court Sentencing of Convicted Felons
J 29.11/11-3:

State Electricity Profiles
E 3.2/3:DOE/EIA/0629

The State of the Cities
HH 1.2:C 49/13/

State Personal Income
C 59.25:

Statistical Abstract of the United States
C 3.134:[yr.]

Status and Trends of the Nation's Biological Resources
I 19.202:ST 1/V.1-2

The Student Guide
ED 1.8/2:

Subject Bibliography Series
GP 3.22/2:

Subject Index to Current Population Reports and Other Population Report Series
C 3.186:P-23/192

Substance Abuse Information Database (SAID)

Summary of Deposits: FDIC OTS Data Book
Y 3.F 31/8:22/

Supporting Families in Transition: A Guide to Expanding Health Coverage in the Post-Welfare Reform World
HE 25.8:SU 7

Survey of Current Business
C 59.11:

Survey of Real Estate Trends
Y 3.F 31/8:28/